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Blue Tier Training Solutions


     Our mission is to provide quality self defense, firearms and emergency response training to individuals and groups in the KC metro area as well as law enforcement agencies and first responders. In providing such training we hope to bridge the relationships between first responders and the citizens they serve which will promote a safe and prepared community.

Tactical Integration

We examine what self defense and firearms companies are doing to stay relevant and Implement evidence based strategies that are practical in the real world setting. We also strategize using tools and  resources in order to understand How we can meet your needs. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

Shooting Practice

Emergency Response

We are able to design medical response training to meet whatever needs you may have as an individual or for your company or organization.  Topics include CPR, basic first aid, bleed control and other medical related issues that may be related to your specific environment. 

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